Sept 24

Gray day & rainy skies til mid day. But visibility was pretty good so we let the Mississip have her way with us. And she does boil. Very interesting to set the auto-pilot & watch it struggle to fight the currents when we run through the swirling pools! We anchored in Little Diversion Channel near Cape Girardeau, MO. We rafted off w/GetAway headed opposite ways both with bow anchors & Adagio anchored in front and used us for a stern line.  Later Looper, Noah Genda anchored in front of us. We got together for dinner onboard Salvage Crew.  No way to get to town so we took pictures as we passed & read the guides to find out interesting facts about the area. A Civil War battle was fought here on 4/26/1863 that lasted 4 hours and took about 100 lives collectively. It is also the hometown of noted radio talk show host, Rush Limbaugh! Dinner was served & we had another nice evening on the Mississippi! Long day tomorrow, 88 miles. We will be up early.


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Sept 25

Nice quiet night on the hook! We left our hidey hole at 7 with 4 boats. One minor delay, our windlass wasn’t getting power so we had to haul our anchor by hand. Capt Brad worked on it after we left & it is working again now. We are glad because we will be on the hook again tonight. Brad used to “call the guy” to fix things, now, he IS the guy! Good job! We did 91 miles today, leaving the Mississippi River behind and also her nice 4 knot push. Once we turned into the Ohio River, we were fighting the current (which is stronger than normal because the lakes are dumping into the Rivers due to flooding in the South)!On the good side, the wicket dams are down to let water flow so we will not have to stand in line with the barges to lock through. They lower the dam down & boats cruise straight through. We will only be on the Ohio for about 50 miles before we hit the Cumberland River. Because of the current & the fact that we are anchored on the main river (but it is wide & we are not close to the channel), everyone went on single anchors. We are having leftovers! This is the longest we have been on the boat without getting off!

Four straight days of travel without a marina. We will arrive early afternoon at Green Turtle Resort tomorrow, and Mama wants to go to town!

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Sept 26

Depart 7am to do the last leg of this 270mi trip without any service facilities!WRONG!

It was a good plan but it was foiled by heavy fog. We sit, we wait, we watch, & leave 2 hours later after talking to lockmasters up the Ohio River about conditions. Arrived Green Turtle Resort (back into civilization) 3pm. There are at least 10 Loopers here including Kokomo, Ithaka, Theresa, & more. Now I get my night on the town, with a nice restaurant & live entertainment. The Badgett Playhouse in Grand Rapids, KY has Variety Night every Sat night & we don't want to miss it. They book some of the best young talent from Nashville in here. We had a great time.

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Sept 27

Green Turtle Bay is Looper friendly & fabulous. We had planned to stay here 3-4 days & get some much needed down time since we really haven’t slowed down since Chicago.They have a weekly rate that cost about the same as 4 days so we have decided to stay longer, rent a car for a few days & really give Western Kentucky a good look. There really is a lot to see. Meanwhile today is a work day with washing boat, muddy anchors, lots of laundry because we were conserving our water on this last run (nowhere to replenish). Had visits from several people who live in the area & have followed our website. How fun is that? More Loopers arrived today, we had drinks & snacks in the gazebo at 5pm. Dinner at the Commonwealth Yacht Club with Tom & Jan Elliott, lots of new friends here on the “Life is Good” Tour!!!

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Sept 28

Gorgeous day with blue skies! We got one of the courtesy clunkers & headed in to Padukah (20 miles away). We needed a marine store , a CVS, & a Walmart? Our shopping trips are pretty predictable, aren’t they? Saturday when we cruised passed Padukah, we could smell BBQ & it smelled awesome. They were having a Blues & BBQ festival. We didn’t make the festival but it made us hungry for BBQ so we stopped & shared a rack of ribs for lunch today. This is a popular “rest stop” & there are still lots of Loopers here to visit with this afternoon & as always, you can find a group around 5 o’clock enjoying cocktails & swapping tall tales. We all have some you know! Lots of laughs!

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Sept 29

Green Turtle Bay is really a great place for a vacation & we are enjoying ours! I know that sounds silly since we have been gone almost a year, but when cruising becomes your regular life, occasionally you need a restful vacation, just like everybody else. Besides this 1st class marina, the Commonwealth Yacht Club, Dockers Grill, the Chandlery,Dry docks, Ship’s Store & Yacht Sales…...they also have condos & vacation homes for sale or rent, 2 outdoor pools, an indoor pool with spa & sauna, workout gym, walking trails, picnic areas, stocked fishing lake, beach, all kinds of boat rentals (jet ski thru houseboat) & more. We are impressed. The little town of Grand Rivers is in walking distance & has cute shops & Patti’s 1880 Restaurant, which is more than just a restaurant & provided several hours of entertainment this afternoon before we went there for dinner with Terry & Sue, Rob & Sherrie. We have become weary of saying goodbye. Terry & Sue are leaving tomorrow & after 6-7 months of running into them regularly & enjoying their company, we will leave the Looper Route on the Tennessee & will not see the guys again! We will stay in touch & hope our paths will cross again, either on our side of the pond, or theirs.  Travel safely, friends!


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Sept 30

Cheerio to Terry & Sue! Then we are out early to pick up our Enterprise rental car in Padukah! We run a few errands & then start down our list of things we want to see & do in the area. Downtown, we thoroughly enjoyed the National Quilt Museum that has earned this city the nickname of “Quilt City, USA”. This is not a place to come for bed linens. These quilts are absolute masterpiece pieces of art! Lunch at Whaler’s Catch then the River Heritage Museum. It was great but our 2 favorite things were (1) the tug boat simulator where you actually handle the controls of a tug on these local waters & (2) the film taken from the roof of the museum of the Ohio River (we were able to run it back to last Sat morn & watch ourselves –Getaway & Adagio pass by Padukah on the Ohio River)! Cool! Then we drove over to Marion, KY to visit an Amish community! Interesting day. Dinner on board.


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Oct 1

We can feel a little Fall in the air along with October’s bright blue weather! We started out today by driving by what locals call “The Castle on the Cumberland”! It was impressive but don’t be fooled into booking a vacation here, it’s the Kentucky State Penitentiary! When seen from the water, most think it’s the Governor’s Mansion!

Then we drove through 4 mile loop of the “Land Between the Lakes” Park--Elk & Bison Prairie. We only spotted one female elk in the woods. Then on to Cadiz, KY and Princeton where we toured “Adsmore” Home to see how the affluent lived in the late 1800’s. Had just enough time to grab a sandwich at the local DQ with the crew of “Joanne Marie” before we all returned to the Badgett Playhouse tonight to see the 2 man show, “Greater Tuna”! Many Loopers still coming & going at this “must stop” marina! “Where’s Linda” is our new slip neighbor today! Will have another housekeeping & boat maintenance day tomorrow & be ready to start moving again on Saturday!

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Oct 2

It’s hard to believe that we have been gone almost a year & that our Great Loop trip will be coming to an end in about 2 weeks. Another Dr Suess saying comes to mind: “How did it get so late so soon? Its night before its afternoon. December is here before its June. My goodness how the time has flewn. How did it get so late so soon?” We are beginning to make our list of “things to do” to change back to a land lubbers lifestyle. We have already become very nostalgic about our year at sea! We are not through with boating & there will be other trips. But this, this has been an unbelievably rich time in our lives in so many ways & we find we are envious of the Loopers who have just begun their journey & have it all in front of them. We’ve enjoyed our time here at Green Turtle Bay but are ready to start kicking up a wake again tomorrow. Stayed close to the marina most of the day & will have docktails this afternoon before dinner at the Comonwealth Yacht Club!

Happy Birthday Andy! We miss you guys!


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Oct 3

On the road again, just can’t wait to be on the road again! We traded the state of Kentucky & Barkley Lake for the state of Tennessee & the Tennessee River today by going through a mile & a half cut called Barkley Channel! It’s beginning to feel a lot like home! Kentucky Lake is the largest lake on the Tennessee River and the wind was blowing a bit today but the sky was blue, & the ride was fine. We were ready to be moving again. Paris Landing State Park was a 45 mile trip and “Adagio” & “Where’s Linda” came along for the ride. We shared a magnificent meal and watched a full moon rise. Short cruise for us tomorrow. Less than 20 miles to Pebble Isle Marina, Adagio is moving further to Cuba Landing. The winds are suppose to lay down tonight. That will make for a nice morning. Happy Birthday Little Brad!!! See yall soon!

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