Oct 28 2008

Lovely Day! Arrived Columbus, MS 10AM.  About 5

 Looper Boats here.  We buddied with Jim & Sandy off “Footloose”, borrowed the “Courtesy Clunker” which in this case was a pretty nice van, and visited historic Waverly Mansion and Plantation (1850) and also saw the birthplace of Tennessee Williams in downtown Columbus.   Just as Blanche Dubois declared, “I have always depended upon the kindness of strangers!”  And have rarely been disappointed.  That certainly holds true on the river.  We’re having a ball.

Dinner tonight at Woody’s!  Think we’ll have the catfish!

Oct 29 2008

Columbus AFB has been responsible for training more USAF pilots than any other base in the US since WWII.  Lots of jets in the air around here!  Ahhh, the sound of Freedom. (I’m a little partial to the Air Force because our son Brad served our country with them.)  


Traveled today with Footloose from Colorado (although Jim was born in a town down the road from where Brad was born in Ohio) and Stargazer (Jesse, a solo Captain)from Illinois. We are now at Pirate’s Cove Marina near Aliceville.  Visited museum and vintage Snag Boat at their visitor’s Center that is an antebellum home replica


Are we relaxing?  Are we having fun?  Well, cruising is not for Sissys!!!  I haven’t had time to read my book or watch a movie yet!!  To cruise, we drive the boat, navigate, plot routes, make reservations at marinas, lock, dock, fuel, fill water tanks, hook up power and cable, unhook power and cable, do engine maintenance, check fluid levels, make small repairs (it's a boat), go sightseeing, do laundry, shop, cook, wash the boat, do housekeeping, never miss Happy Hour, monitor weather, check e-mails, pay bills, and chat with Lockmasters every morning about whether or not the fog has burned off enough for us to get out there and do it again.  We manage this very handily and for the most part without any fuss.  And YES, it is fun!!!!!!



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Oct 30 2008

Long Day on the water.  Did approx 100 miles and two locks with “Footloose” and also running with “Riff Raff”.  (My mother wont’ be happy to hear that last part.) Came thru

Howell Heflin Lock…….I’ve missed all my friends and I suggested to Brad that we stop at the Howell Heflin Lock and wait for Wilsie, Gail and Sandee to cross over and say hi.

I figured it wouldn’t be too long of a wait.  But Brad was in a hurry today!  (Note: Route from B’ham to Pearl River Resort and Casino crosses over this bridge.)  There’s actually no telling how many friends we might see if we waited here awhile.

Will stay at Demopolis Yacht Basin tonight and are thinking of staying over one day for a rest stop.  Our next run is to the infamous “Bobby’s Fish Camp” and it is another all day haul (Bobby only cooks on Friday and Saturday).  Not many places to overnight on the Tenn-Tom, but better Bobby be cooking than me!!!!!

Picture is of American Tug “Footloose” at the Cliffs of Epes above Demopolis!

Oct 31 2008

Happy Halloween!!  We slept in this morning and took the day off!  Saw 2 more antebellum (translates to before the war) homes here in Demopolis built in 1830’s with Sandy and Jim (Footloose). Bluff Hall and Gaineswood were beautiful and interesting. So lucky that these were preserved and retained 75% of their original furnishings. Had dinner at the marina restaurant with a fun crowd.  Lots of Loopers here.

Long run tomorrow to Bobby’s Fish Camp. 

Halleluiah!!  We just exceeded our past record for consecutive number of days on the boat and I’ve decided that Brad may actually live through this whole Loop experience.

There is some truth to the saying that a bad day on the boat beats a good day in the office!