Nov 20

Got a nice warm day today!  Shorts and flip flop weather again.  Moved 5 miles over to Destin HarbourWalk Marina.  This area has great new restaurants (Commander’s Palace, Pat O’Briens, Lucky Snapper, Water Grill, Harry T’s and more), stores and the beautiful Emerald Grande high rise condos. It’s first class!

  The marina is a little tricky but we aced it.  Even the dockmaster complimented us on our docking and said most people bounce around the pilings like a pin ball game.  I should have been a cowgirl.  I can lasso pilings and snag cleats from 20 paces with the best of ‘em.  We rode our bikes and split some seafood nachos & calamari for lunch.  Wangled an invitation to a Holiday Cocktail Party in the ballroom of the Grande in the evening and enjoyed new friends, the Colemans, who own Banana Barts. Also enjoyed the  wonderful food made by some of the restaurants listed above.  The Commander’s Turtle Soup is one of my favorites but I have to say the Snow Crab Bisque from Harry T's was to die for!

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Nov 22

Left Destin this morning and headed into the roughest water so far.  Seas were 2-4 ft out of the east with wind gust to 30mph.  We’re “Old Salts” now.  It’s routine to know which lamps to lay on the beds with pillows on top of them to keep them from falling.  Waves over the bow and the bell ringing more often than the Salvation Army’s (‘tis the Season)!

It was fun. We are now at Baytowne Marina at Sandestin Resort.  First thing we see is “Bet Sea” the Bobo’s boat 2 slips down and “Lady Lauren” the Steven’s boat!  Nice to see familiar LGYC boats about!  Baytowne Wharf and Sandestin are like “Disneyworld for Adults”.  Quaint villages, shops, restaurants, nature trails, golf courses, beach areas, etc.  There are trams that run constantly, but we biked everywhere.  After eating more seafood in the last month than I ever thought possible for one person to consume, we totally enjoyed Jim and Nick’s BBQ for supper.  60 miles to go tomorrow to Baypoint Marina in Panama City.  That’s 6 hours on the water.  Hope it’s a nice day!!!!

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Nov 23

It is warmer and the winds have layed down. Our float plan includes leaving the huge and beautiful Choctawhatchee Bay and heading back into the ditch for awhile.  We pass under the Hwy 331 Bridge that every kid where we grew up remembers as--the first salt water you see when headed down to PC (Panama City) and the signal to start asking “Are We There Yet?”  As the water opens back up to West Bay we get company.  7 or 8 dolphin are coming toward us and Brad suggest I try singing to them.  We have heard that they love the sound of a woman’s voice and will stay with a boat to hear it.  I’m a little hoarse tonight.  I sang Barbra Streisand songs for an hour while sitting up on the anchor pulpit.  They stayed just in front of the boat rolling over to look at me and taking turns racing out front to do tricks!  It was fascinating!  Once again we are awed by nature.  Some of God’s most beautiful work can be witnessed along the waterways!

Baypoint Marina in Panama City will be home for the boat until after Thanksgiving!

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Nov 25

A relaxing couple of days as we rent a car and get ready to leave the boat and travel back

to Fairhope/Gulf Shores for Thanksgiving.  Visited with Brad’s nephew Gene and his family who live here in PC.  Reprovisioned while we had a car available and created a web of lines to keep the boat safe while we are away.  You can never have too many lines out, but you CAN have too few.  And those darn things stretch when tugged on by the wind and current and tide.  We’ve been up in the middle of the night more than once securing lines.

We are headed back to Gulf Shores and Fairhope this morning!  And it occurs to us, as it does every single day, that we are so truly blessed and we thank God for it! 

We hope everyone of you has a wonderful holiday!  HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!! 

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Nov 30

Well it has happened.  We have been on the boat for 46 days and we are now referring to the boat when we say “home” rather than our house in Birmingham that our son’s family is inhabiting in our absence.  We had a wonderful Thanksgiving.  Kevin and Debra were fabulous host, as usual, and a good time was had by all.  We are back “home” and contemplating our next move.  It’s raining today (only the third time we have seen rain since we left) and it looks like the next few days may not be conducive to travel. That works out for us OK because we are waiting for a part for our CruiseAir to come in.  We have had a minor Freon leak.  We are anxious to be on the move again, but BayPoint and Panama City are fun, too.  We have a lot of friends here and joined some of them yesterday for the Alabama-Auburn game, and a nachos and taco supper.  Roll Tide!