Feb 21

Saturday in Marsh Harbour. We dinked to town & walked through some shops, came home for lunch, and then dinked out to the flats (shallows) with our viewing buckets. We took great care in making these buckets by sawing out the bottom and replacing them with glass so we can put the bottom of the bucket in the water and see very clearly what is below the surface.  The starfish were the only things that stayed still long enough for us to get a picture.  It was Steak Night at the Jib Room, then we took a taxi downtown to Junkanoo, the Bahamian Festival that celebrates the culture of the Bahamas.  Ran into Pat (Patrick) & Pat (Patricia) Dwyer and stopped at their boat “Salty Dawg” for a drink on the way home.  Fun times. 

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Feb 22

Joe & Judy Lynch on “Night Star” joined us at Marsh Harbour Marina today. We left them in West End with family coming to visit & then they spent time in Green Turtle Cay. It is nice to be a part of the boating community. It is a smaller network than you would think & we are constantly running into boaters we have met before. We also found a fisherman who sold us lobster tales for $3.00 a piece.  We bought a dozen and will fill our freezer with lobster & Grouper filets (@$6 lb) before we leave. It’s interesting to watch the winds “clock around” here. They move  clockwise and each direction has a different effect on the water & waves. Sometimes it stalls for awhile and sometimes it “clocks” so fast that the cruiser’s net will report to the boats at anchor, “you will have a different view from your bow everyday this week”. We had a “Red Carpet” party this evening on “Good News” & grilled chicken for dinner.  We didn’t stay up to watch the actual Academy Awards. Didn’t see any of the movies and it’s getting where we don’t recognize the actors anymore.  Does this mean we are old???????

Feb 24

Sadly, Brad & I have both had the “sore throat, stuffy nose, tight chest, headache, need medicine so we can rest” bug. Nothing serious. It gives one time to reflect.

OK We will admit it! As romantic as living aboard a motor yacht can be, occasionally living in tight quarters and with no escape from your loving significant other might wear & tear on your nerves no matter how madly in love you are.  Some of the other cruising wives & I were discussing just that the other day.  Here was my analogy that everyone agreed hit the nail on the head.  I said “Sometimes it’s like Brad is the Captain of the Titanic and he would rather go ahead and hit the iceberg than to hear me say one more time “Honey, you DO see that iceberg, don’t you?”  I had to admire how a fellow Admiral had her Captain trained.  We noticed it when she handed him his wind breaker and he asked “Honey, am I cold or am I going somewhere?”


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Feb 25

Kathy Young and her husband have been staying in the same marina that we are in.  She is in the Guinness Book of Records for having the World’s Tiniest Waist (15 inches). I try not to stand next to her in the food buffet line. (See pictures)

Had another fine day in paradise that ended with Ribs at the Jib Room, friends, music and dancing!


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Feb 26

We have a routine now for the first time since we left.  8:15 A M  Channel 68 Abacos Cruiser’s Net! Weather, News, Current Events, for planning your day! They start every mornings broadcast by saying “This is today’s date, if you care to know what today’s date is” most people here do not care!!  Today looks good for weather and the next 2 days look even better. For the girls, out for the morning walk and then today we come pick up the guys and head over to Abaco Beach Resort. Got to get reservations for the Pirates Party on 3/10 with the Royal Marsh Harbour Yacht Club and visit with Joan and Jim Elliott on Christine for awhile.  Lunch at Angler’s and back to the boats to rest up for the evening. Casino night fundraiser started at 5pm for Friends of Furry Animals! Bingo, Raffles, Poker, Wheel of Fortune, etc!!! Lots of winners! Food & the special island drink “gin & coconut milk”!! (It taste like home made ice cream, but Watch Out!!)

Got us in the game mode and we went back to “Good News” and finished the evening with a rousing game of “Mexican Train” dominos! Hard to stay serious about the game with this bunch around!



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Feb 27

Woke this morning at 5AM to the sound of a light rain shower. We have only seen rain about 4 times since we left in October and I rushed upstairs to enjoy it. It lasted only about 15 minutes and by daylight there was hardly a cloud in the sky. The Cruiser’s Net reported that the next 3 days will be perfect with temps 75-80 degrees and calm seas. Everyone cranked up and headed out. I have not seen the harbor so empty since we got here. No one seems able to resist island hopping for a few days. We decided to rent a center console run about with “Good News” & “Night Star” and head out for an excursion day tomorrow. Lots going on around here on Saturdays! With those plans made, we headed over to Mangos and met Ellen & Woody (Chicago) for dinner. They plan to do Winter ’09 on the Tennessee River so we know we will be seeing them at the end of this year. Brad had the Cracked Conch & I had Coconut Groper! Divine.

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Feb 28

What a glorious Saturday in the Abacos! We rented a 21’ runabout with Mary & Andy, Judy & Joe and spent the day island hopping. First to Hopetown on Elbow Key where they were having a fund raiser for their Fire & Rescue Department. Ran into Jim & Lisa Favors on “Kismet” and  Charlie & Linda Thomas on “Freedom’s Turn”. Then over to Lubber’s Quarters for lunch at Cracker P’s (who knew he was from Georgia-hence the “Cracker”). Legend has it that he shot a sheriff (but he did not shoot the deputy) and had to flee the country in the late 1800’s. Lived out his life on Lubber’s Quarters! Then over to Snake Cay where “Christine” & “Salty Dawg” were using their dinghies to chase manta rays. It was too shallow for us so we swung by Seaspray Marina on Elbow to check out the accommodations by way of Tahiti Beach and Tilloo Cay Cut. We may come over for a few days in the next week or so. Stopped at Hope Town Lighthouse on the way home.  A good time was had by all. 


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